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Coming from a spiritual background in morocco, spiritual awareness was always something that was just a part of my life. My family have played a great part in my spiritual and psychic growth including my grandfather, mother and aunt. Learning other forms of divinations that i have picked up as i grew around different members of my family. I specialise in different forms of divination also whether it be a psychic reading covering your love life or money finances, or maybe both. I have been blessed to grow my knowledge of different types of divination to suit your need.




What Clients Say!!

  • She’s so amazing now that I found her i’m not letting go! Me and my family take special trips down to London just visit Maryam because her predictions are just CRAZY! She tells you things just as it is without any judgement and listens to all your needs. She’s compassionate, kind and very dear to us. She has now become part of our family. Thank you Maryam for all you do – God bless xxxxx

    - Khadija, UAE

  • I am speechless beyond belief. Lovely lady, felt like I’ve known her for years. Everything was 100 % accurate which was very scary but exciting as well. She will be added onto my contact list. I have been seen by many psychics in the past and was not fully satisfied but I felt very happy with my reading.

    - Kashina, UK

  • Maryam is very talented and gifted. She’s patient with her reading and has an incredible way of making you feel comfortable. It was my very first reading and she hit the nail on the head with every comment. I am definitely looking forward to when I see her next! Thank you so much!

    - Miriam, UK

  • I was really impressed with her psychic ability and the messages I received
    During my reading. I have to say that some of the things she told me were
    So accurate and I could not believe how she could know such things about
    Me and my life. I left feeling very positive and excited about my future! I had
    A great ‘girlie chat’ as well while drinking my cup of coffee.
    Thanks Maryam and hope to see you soon.

    - Nichole, UK

  • Like always Maryam was right again! She is always right and her predictions always come true. Have goosebumps

    - Sabrina, UK