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50 Shades of Psychic

The Psychic industry we all talk about.


Psychics, you either love them or you hate them – But we just can’t get enough of them!

For generations we’ve all been fascinated about foreseeing what the future holds for us. Whether it be a coffee cup reading, tarot readings or even go as far as reaching out for a psychic clairvoyant… you name it and we did it. Having a glimpse of the near future is probably just as esoteric yet intriguing as knowing what will happen to you, whether in love, marriage, finances, work… Well the list goes on. We want to foresee the future from a deep sense of personal security and safety that comes from an even deeper need of being in control of our lives and their unfolding. It’s no news that very many people choose psychics to lend them a helping hand in this perspective by telling them what their future holds.

As a professional clairvoyant psychic specialising in tarot readings, I know that there are a lot of weeds in the wheat in what regards this industry. Where there is good, there is bad. Like Yin and yang… Let’s face it, the list goes on.

My friend would tell me that whenever she’d go to a clairvoyant psychic tarot reader she’d want to know about her past first to really test their clairvoyant psychic abilities of seeing into the future.. A client told me she’d go to a clairvoyant psychic with no emotion on her face and make sure it’s like looking at a brick wall – That way if the clairvoyant psychic read well she’d figure out how authentic her clairvoyant skills really were. I’m sure you’re probably thinking “Yeah, yeah, like i like to …” But there are other simpler ways to debunk a fake psychic that I will share with you here.

There are a good handful of signs that you can look at and see if your clairvoyant psychic is a fake psychic and in for your money only or if they really are gifted real clairvoyant psychics to connect with your energy and ready to offer a real psychic reading.





# 1 Feeling Pressured

The first clear sign that your clairvoyant psychic is a fake psychic is this feeling of being pressured by them, especially when it comes to appointing another reading, perhaps too soon. I personally enjoy to go for a  tarot reading now and then with friends. But by far my favourite one was one I went to with my partner. It was a spontaneous decision, but why not! There was a big sign saying


Oooh, she looks like she’s doing well…

Firstly, she didn’t allow me and my partner to go together – Which i understand as some may feel pressure and awkward incase comes up. So i respected that of course!

We’re in a room in Queensway market and the second the door shut and we were alone – SHE MADE ME JUMP! Her eyes wide open and her index focusing on me – i thought she was going to kill me!


Huh?!? Are you talking to me?

gypsy psychic“Him! You must save him! Women will take him from you! YOU MUST WORK AND YOU MUST WORK QUICK”

Oh – So this was my reading? Okay 🙂 Please continue – What else do you see in my so called miserable world?

It must of lasted 15 minutes, i couldn’t take anymore (lol). So it was my partners turn… He actually fell for it. She mentioned something about health problems because people jealous of him, and somehow he connected it to a heart problem he suffered in hospital 5 years ago. Okay sweetie – It’s time we go.

How much? £100.

Yup, that was probably 20 minutes for the two of us.

What i’m trying to say here – This is a clear sign of a fraudster. I tried to co operate with her however, she was more interested in me paying £500 cleansing myself from all this evil + goodness whatever else i need to pay for my life to move forward.

This should scream – RUN. However, unfortunately the most vulnerable are feasted by this prey. Please be aware! You should NEVER feel any pressure at any time with your psychic. If you do – Then start questioning yourself and reconsider who you go to for advice. Is this advice really for your best intentions?

It may be to look for another clairvoyant psychic who really knows what he/she’s doing and not someone who just wants to take your money and take advantage of you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had clients who were very reliant. Don’t take it to offence if I give you a 2 week ban from any services. Not as an offence, by all means but from a place of integrity. My belief is that being too reliant comes from a negative place and may soon turn into an addiction

Don’t fall victim into the prey of this money eating demanding psychic. This is all an act. Only because they dress like a gypsy – doesn’t mean she’s the real deal.

So feeling pressured? No-no!

# 2 Feeling that You Cannot Confide in Them

A real psychic experience is really all about the clients best interest, providing answers from an energetic level and helping them get out of their own crossroads. This can only be done by a psychic that knows and understands how much they can influence your life with their reading and in this sense has all the best intentions. Whenever you sense a bad vibe about them it’s your intuition telling you to get the hell out of there, and whatever they’re reading, you better listen to your gut and just get out. A personal psychic should be someone you talk to comfortably. Someone who consider as a friend, so you’re comfortable enough to open up. A psychic reader should only guide and advice, but never TELL you what to do. Reputable trusted psychics know this is a persons life being dealt with. For example:


As a lot of you know i’ve been away for some time. During this time, a lot of clients have been telling me about their horrid experiences with online psychics and more. One in particular struck my attentions – “She told me to divorce my husband”

WHAT! NO! That is a big no! No psychic should give you direct orders – You pay her to share her insight, not to judge your life and decide she hold the right to make decisions for you. Please, don’t fall into this trap. If you have been a victim of this, please feel free email me for further support and help.

psychicYour trusted psychic should always guide you into his feelings, and what he’s going through. The aim is to fix the problem – not leave it. If that was the case, then my advice is to not bother spending your money on that advice. A reputable psychic / clairvoyant reader will show you your path, and other potential paths to help what you are going through. Not assume the worse, and make you take a wrong turn in your life over a misunderstanding.

A real psychic reading, should feel like a safe place where you can confide all your thoughts and emotions and be an open book. At the end of the day, if you fee a connection with the psychic – you just feel it. There may be clients who don’t connect with me but connect with the psychic next door – You choose, don’t be forced to stay. Remember, you’re trusting your life with a psychic – So be sure who you go to.

# 3 Not Providing Any Directions

Last but not least, the shadiest of all when it comes to psychic readings, is the “psychic” that doesn’t tell you anything, but things that are kind of out in the obvious. A psychic telling you something like “I see you are struggling” isn’t news because that’s the reason why you’ve asked for their help in the first place. Be careful of COLD READINGS. Now, this is an interesting subject in the tarot psychic business.

So many psychics,  but not all authentic.

Lets face it, anyone can wake up tomorrow and decide to build a psychic website and claim to be whoever they want to be. Add a few payment buttons and boom, your in business. It’s scary, as there aren’t any regulations on that and i’m unsure how they can regulate that in such a grey area of the industry. This is something that even took me by interest… How good can cold readings be? Right?

So i decided to take it into my own hands… Of course. Googled cold readings scripts and called my best friend.

“Oh my GOODNESS, Sara* you will not believe! Your guides are here telling me an important message – I NEED TO GIVE THIS MESSAGE TO YOU NOW!”

What does she do? Of course, when i’m getting a message by all means she knows it’s time to get serious! She was just getting out of work, avoided the train so she can maintain listening to this so called message i had for her. By the time i finished, she had walked all the way home… Yes, it was that long. She was shocked.

“WOW” – really?!?!?!! Darling, i was reading out of a script – Be careful just letting you know! So yes – I was that convincing. Google it, you’ll see. So be aware from cold readings…

fake psychic

For the love of God, PLEASE!

Of course, there are 50 shades of psychic fake and even more from where that came from as with any given industry. There’s the good psychic that really knows his thing, and then the bad that has long perfected the art of being a crook and of course, the ugly, and sometimes the truth is the ugliest of all.

But when you’re in for a real psychic reading, that’s your part to the job. I know, I know, life isn’t always what we expect it to be, that’s why I always say to my clients that it’s better to enjoy every moment as it comes and trust that everything unfolds how it should be.

The only ones that can mess things up are our own selves with our fear and worry. Now you know how to tell a fake psychic from the real deal, so I’m trusting you with not messing this one up.

Jokes aside, feel free to email me with comments and suggestions.

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*All names have been changed to protect their identity and privacy.

Maryam – Clairvoyant Psychic specialising in cartomancy and tarot readings.

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