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Your Local Friendly Psychic 

The truth behind closed doors – Finally revealed.


Hello & welcome to Your Local Friendly Psychic! As most of you already know by now I’m a 7th generation spiritual healer, psychic and clairvoyant. Providing a variety of healing, fortune telling, and psychic services to my clients. Such as energy readings, tarot card reading, coffee cup readings, cartomancy plus many more. However, despite being a professional, I utilise my business more as a means to help people and consider my clients no less than friends. This is why I believe it’s important for you to know me – I keep my identity hidden so I can lead a normal life as a young person, but I still want to share with you my background, profession, and as much information as possible.

My focus on spirituality and its awareness comes directly from my background. I originate from Morocco and thanks to my family, spirituality has been ingrained in my life. In fact, a major part of my growth as a psychic I owe to my family, which still practices psychic services, trusted by local and international clients alike. My early life opened the doors to the path of spirituality for me and I’ve never looked back since. I feel proud to carry on this legacy, and the cards I use have been blessed by my grandfather and cleansed with crystals and the burning of a special herb mixture that has been in my family for generations.


As for my profession, I initially started offering my services on Fiverr, giving online readings for $5. Being a young person of this generation – I started as young as 19 years old then – I felt reaching out to people on a digital medium would be a good idea for both, myself and my clients. My services were loved by many and within 2 months I became the first ever psychic to be picked as a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr. The more services I provided, the more interested I became in my field of work. I also had a passion to prove myself and to others that age did not matter when it came to authentic psychic readings – it was a natural, God given gift that could be blessed to anyone.

I worked for a year on Fiverr and then decided to initiate my own business. After accomplishing that, my work took up most of my time and attention; I was working with countless clients and also being overwhelmed at the response I received – clients who thought I was no good because I was so young started believing in me as loyal followers as they had their predictions come true. Thus, I invested myself fully in my business and stopped working on Fiverr. When I was giving readings at home, I had queues outside my door of customers waiting for me. I have also been approached by Psychic TV several times due to various people recommending and referring me to them through word of mouth and online!


However, due to being extremely sensitive to energies, my work soon started making a huge impact on my life. I started suffering from panic attacks and always had a feeling of being a failure, imagining that the quality of my work was deteriorating. So I gave up with the decision to stop doing readings. However, God had other plans, because my clients refused to give up. I was constantly receiving emails and prayers lighting candles, requesting and praying for me to get better and start working again.

After 6 months I decided I couldn’t just leave my work so now here I am, the founder Your Local Friendly Psychic. Since I am still sensitive to energies, especially closer to the full moon, I personally can’t offer my services as much as i used to (Well, before i worked over hours!) but now i’m offering a psychic association hiring, choosing only the best psychics who have been through an extensive 3 stage testing, with myself being the final stage. I put my reputation on the line but I can guarantee my clients will find the top, most qualified professionals on my website. Additionally, I’ve also started a blog – as you can see! I’ll be writing new content covering issues I see amongst my own experience and through my clients.

At the end of the day, I hope this website and my work is able to change lives, helping clients, whom I consider my friends, through tough times and allowing them to get their lives back on track, just like how I’ve been able to do so already. You will find our platform to be completely positive, non-judgmental, and friendly, so no matter what service you are here for, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable at all. We’re simply using God given talent to bring about a difference in your life.

Thank you for getting to know me and my story. Your continued support and loyalty is what keeps me going!!

Feel free to email me at maryamsanita@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions <3

Your Local Friendly Psychic,


02033936373 ext.1000


Maryam – 7th generation Clairvoyant Psychic specialising in cartomancy and tarot readings.


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