When They’re Just Not Into You

When they're just not into you  The experience, the pain and the anger. By Maryam Sanita  Love. Of course a very vast topic however, this will

Psychic Vampires…

Psychic Vampires The underlying truth and how to get rid of a psychic vampire Psychic vampires are for sure our modern times zombies, looking to su

Psychic Rant II

Psychic Rant By Maryam Sanita Friday 29th July - Yes i wrote this today. It took me 5 minutes and i think i saw a little smoke come out of my keyboa

How A Psychic Changed My Life

  How A Psychic Changed My Life  By Beautifulsmilez I have always believed in psychics, I’ve never been a sceptic unlike some. In 2011 I

Frequently asked questions…

Frequently asked questions "Can you help me find the winning numbers to the lottery?" No, I don't channel numbers like that. Mind you, the lottery

Psychic Rants

So, I've decided I need to keep more engaged. A lot of my clients have been saying I'm very hard to get hold of and its almost like I'm non existent.

Introducing our NEW Local Friendly Psychic

Coffee cup readings Welcome our newest psychic team member Marie introducing coffee cup readings. She has been offering spiritual help with coffee

Introducing Your Local Friendly Psychic

Your Local Friendly Psychic  The truth behind closed doors - Finally revealed. Hello & welcome to Your Local Friendly Psychic! As most of you

50 Shades of Psychic

50 Shades of Psychic The Psychic industry we all talk about.   Psychics, you either love them or you hate them - But we just can't get enough