Whether it be an attack from black magic, enemy works, evil eye removal or any negative force you feel is closing doors in your face. Some may experience a spirit attached to them or their home. Here, i offer a moroccan method of removals of anything negative holding against you. In morocco it’s often done with the use of lead to remove which has been prayed upon known as “El Doon” otherwise known in arabic and across the Middle East as “Rasas”

It can be performed either face to face or at a distance using a single picture of the person wanting to remove which are both just as effective.

During the session of ElDoon i am able to read and see exactly what was done or has been held on to you causing such harm or blocks. This can be done in 3 different ways…

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When I come to visit for a session I will perform the full cleanse.

Live at a distance or want to perform a cleanse for a loved one without his/her knowledge?

Not a problem, i can perform this with usage of just a picture of the person.

Prefer this be done at your home as you feel the problem is within that property… Not a problem either! I now offer visits to perform cleansing rituals for you and your home. The results are instant and you will feel the difference from the final wash. This experience I have seen been really uplifting to plenty and have seen uncountable success.


Eldoon Cleanse & Removal

This is done once payment is made within 24 hours of appointment. Along with sending picture of person who is cleansed. Once cleanses are done there will be an update email and to schedule a phone call to speak and discuss how it went.

(per person) £95

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Eldoon Cleanse & Removal

Home visits. Cleanse yourself and your home.

(per person) £200

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