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Coffee cup readings

Coffee cup reading

Welcome our newest psychic team member Marie introducing coffee cup readings. She has been offering spiritual help with coffee cup reading to patients for over 28 years. Being a Christian Orthodox, she only works with the holy spirit. Marie discovered her gift after her grandmother passed away. Her grandma used to be a famous psychic in Egypt very well known where plenty sought her help – However, Marie inherited everything one week before her passing

Marie’s Journey to Prophecy & Coffee cup readings

Marie’s story would give goosebumps to just about anyone. She had been suffering from cancer due to which she became sick. At first, they didn’t know it was cancer. After performing diagnosis, it was found that her cancer has spread in the body and she needs to be submitted for operation. Marie was very angry with God, wondering why she became the victim. Before being transmitted for surgery, one night time, Mother Mary visited her and touched the area of cancer. She couldn’t understand what’s happening. When she went into the ICU for the treatment, the doctors found that the cancer has been cured. It was shocking for the doctors and everyone around. This news even got published in the newspaper.
Being confused why mother Mary came to her, she tried to find out the truth and ended up being with a Greek orthodox Priest. When she told her story, everyone laughed at her but this didn’t stop her. The Priest finally accepted her case and they desired this case to be a prophecy. They asked her to make another prayer to call upon Mother Mary and find out if this was her path. As she prayed, Mary came to her in a glass box, with Jesus Christ, showing her the wounds and the blessing her path. Marie then became the member of the orthodox community to continue her baptism. Marie continued her journey of guiding people through the light of the messages of God via the Holy Spirit.

Marie our latest trusted clairvoyant psychic introducing coffee cup readings

Psychic Marie

50% of Marie’s earnings go to the local church. Other gift she is blessed with is healing. What she does has nothing to do with magic. It all happens with the help of the Holy Spirit by reading the Bible and prayers for healing. Whether you are a victim of depression, anxiety, magic, clocks or you are in need of exorcism, she is here for help.
She performs soul healing from the word of Gold. Healing can either be performed on the phone or face to face. Marie can only read a client once every moon cycle. She does not see clients on daily basis.
NOTE: Some clients might even be rejected in case Marie is not able to help. Full refund will be given. In some cases, the client might even be referred to a different reputable psychic.
Marie will help you in pointing out the triggers of where the issue lies and she will be helping you how to solve it. Do not take it as an insult, because she does not sugar coat anything. If you are looking for spiritual healing, let Marie help you out with the word of God from the Bible.

How do Telephone Coffee Cup reading work?

Simple – Make your own Turkish coffee cup, if you don’t know please check the video I managed to get together for you with Marie demonstrating.

Once the cup is tilted you take a photo of two halves of the cup pointing where the coffee cup handle is.

Taking a picture of the left and then the right along with a third photo of the lower half of the cup from positioning the camera on top of the coffee. Once this is done, you are ready for your coffee cup reading.

Send 3 photos sent to psychicmariemark@gmail.com along with your Name and booking reference on the time requested of booking for your psychic coffee cup reading. Call 02033936373 and then press Option 3.

Alternatively, Marie is available for same day bookings and face to face coffee cup reading based in London. If your enquiring for face to face coffee cup reading – once booked feel free to call Marie for directions on the above number then dial option 3.

Preparing for your telephone coffee cup reading with our newest trusted psychic Marie

Booking your reading with Marie 

Simply click here  for a list of Marie’s services available online. Available to book for your coffee cup reading by phone or online.

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