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So, I’ve decided I need to keep more engaged. A lot of my clients have been saying I’m very hard to get hold of and its almost like I’m non existent. I feel famous, I really do and I’m flattered!

But, if you think about it… It’s true! I’m always working long hours and when I’m not working I’m having family time or sleeping. I understand, this really isn’t fair. It’s time you guys got to know more about me for once and more about what I do. I understand the majority of you know what I do with you, but how about when I’m not having a session with you and not running about. Also – I thought maybe starting a Psychic Rant will be quite fun. We always hear the complaints about the Psychic. What about us? Here, i’m giving the opportunity to see it all from the Psychic eyes… What we all go through too!

So let’s start!

I thought I’d start by writing about my funny experiences and times I found frustrating at the time but are actually quite hilarious if you think about it now. So I thought I’d start by talking about the types of clients I get and the obvious signs to spot and avoid!

How I got the idea? Well, I encountered a situation a couple of days ago and reminded me about the funny side to this business.

So today we’re going to talk about the…

“I would like to speak to Maryam before I book”  I mean, “potential” clients if they ever do become that…

How to spot them?

This caller calls the office 3-6 times a day.
Out of 6 calls for example 3 of the calls will be insisting to make sure I call back urgently and the other 3 will be them changing their mind and cancel the call back. In this occasion I think LadyX* called 4 times. She called first 3 times and then cancelled the callbacks. To be honest, it was a relief as I’m usually booked back to back and the only break I have is 10 minute bathroom, cigarette and food break. Then, I’m normally too tired to talk to anyone and rest just to rewind. So yes it was a relief to find she cancelled on that particular day – it was a long day.

They always emphasis on how URGENT the situation is.

They will call again to remind you that this is highly important! This is so urgent it’s a matter of life and death. Like, literally if you don’t pass this message on to Maryam you will get 7 years bad luck – relax!

I understand you may be a potential paying customer, however I can’t drop my current paying customers and come running to you this instance. I’m only one person!! I have an office with trained staff – use them!

In this case, LadyX* called back the next day first thing to request this call back as its very urgent and needs to be done ASAP!

I had 4 half an hour readings booked back to back – meaning I’ll be rushing about one way or the other. However, I finished early and finally went to check my messages left from the office. LadyX* funnily enough has now left 3 more URGENT REQUEST MUST CALL ASAP. Of course, now I have one hour until my next client so I’d be more than happy to take this so called urgent phone call.
FYI, even if it isn’t an emergency I always call if a call back has been requested. It may not be strait away – But hey! It’s still a call back!

So, I called. What on earth could be so urgent?

“Can you please just answer 2 quick questions for me please” Ugh, one of those ones – again.

Unfortunately, the answer will be no. It will always be no. Whether your a potential millionaire client or not, the answer is no.

I treat all my clients fairly – I have one price list. If I did answer those 2 free questions, not only will it be unfair to all the other paying customers, but also unfair for the customers who had to book and WAIT for their appointment.

Another thing that needs to be put into thought – That office you called so many times, well thats not free.

The staff (more than one) who try to arrange a booking, well they’re not free either. The automated system i set up for your ease to make things easier – Yup! Not free.

This lovely website – Not free!

Security for your payments to be done safely with no hackers to hack into your details – not free!

The IT tech team i hire to maintain this website and keep it free from bugs – yup, you figured it out – That costs money too! Oh yes, not forgetting the booking system i have set up to make bookings online easier – All costs money money money!

So really, I don’t feel light hearted on those thinking they are any different to the others and don’t respect the level of professionalism i offer. What i offer is not only just quality service but also I aim at offering high quality customer services for your own ease. So if you add it all up – Thats what you really are paying for.

It’s funny, I prefer to avoid the “quick chat” clients. They often lead to a lot of problems and that’s before they even make a booking (if they even do)

You’d be surprised the amount of people who are like that and really, I do find it funny! I work in fairness 🙂

Remember that 😉 – In my eyes, everyone is an equal. You may have a title to your name, or you may even earn a million a year… If thats the case…

Good on you!

But (puts on a Shania Twain singing voice on)… That don’t impress me much la la la la <3

Your local friendly psychic,


Maryam – 7th generation Clairvoyant Psychic specialising in cartomancy and tarot readings.

02033936373 ext.1000


P.S. This ranting business actually made me feel much better haha. I think i should definitely do this more often, rather than keeping it in!


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