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Frequently asked questions

“Can you help me find the winning numbers to the lottery?”

No, I don’t channel numbers like that. Mind you, the lottery or any forms of gambling are all games of chance. If it was “meant” for this number to come up – it would be destined and not chance. Besides, do you really think I’d be here offering psychic services if I could? Ha! I’d be too busy living it up in Barbados!!! Sorry. 😛

A psychic works as an energy gatherer – Hey, I’m just the middle man!

Real psychics only give readings for free, it’s unethical to charge.

This statement gets to me every time, I must admit.

I’m a psychic, right? 🙂

I offer my full time to be available at your service.
Not only that, I invest in QUALITY staff and an automated service so your needs are met and questions are answered when I’m not around and busy with a client.
How about this lovely website? It most certainly didn’t come free. I could give you a list of tech savvy words and services that all cost money but it all sounds Chinese to me to be honest!
Right, now the money you pay me is actually funding for this service. By doing this bare in mind I’ll also need to maintain my living expense.

By charging for my services, I’m able to expand, grow and deliver quality not quantity. Reaching to more and delivering what people deserve. I mean, the whole purpose of starting this business was out of my frustration of very few good quality readers who were hardly ever reachable and the fact that there are so many talented psychics out there who just didn’t have their fair share of limelight! This could be due to not knowing about the psychic business as much, they don’t have the time to invest in order to set up the business or just don’t know much about the Internet.

These are all things you need to bare in mind before I get this question.

“How are you a psychic? Your young and not fat.”

Lol, sorry this one is by far my favourite one. I remember even one of my clients telling me “Don’t say your a psychic, your too beautiful for that”

Bahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahaha. Sorry. 😛

We’re not all fat (no offence to the fat ones)
We don’t have a mole on our nose.
I’m actually normal person. We all actually are, believe it or not. We have problems like you guy too – so bare that in mind too! I don’t have 7 lives,

I don’t turn into a crooked old woman at 3am (witching hour) – I’m a normal person just like you. I may be eccentric at times, but guys come on – I’m a young Londoner living life as a normal twenty something year old would.

Now, a topic that I want to cover as I see this as a growing habit by many people.

When you go to see a psychic, your going to a trusted friend. Someone who you can talk to and open up your personal issues to. A psychic is meant to hold this responsibility wisely and not take advantage of this. A psychic is meant to guide you and advice you out of your problems and into a new better life. Your personal psychic is meant to help you figure out what triggers these issues and help you remove any obstacle.



If you don’t believe in God, I respect your belief but have faith in the universe.

Psychics are normal people.
Remember, psychics have a personal life too.
Psychics aren’t Gods.

You are in charge of your own destiny – What i may say in a reading one day can be turned around dramatically

Your future is not set in stone, it’s written on a shore if anything – The wave can come by any day and wash away whats written

This is called FREEWILL 

Only you can make the changes and sacrifices for these positive changes. We can only advise and guide.

If I ever fear for any clients safety, I will be obliged to direct you to help.

For example: If I fear of a woman’s safety due to physical or mental abuse, I will be obliged to give the client helpline numbers and divert for the right help. I have done this before and I will absolutely do this again.

Also, please note we are not doctors. I am not obliged by any chance to read about health. I will always advice to go seek proper medical advice.
Please respect this.

Do you give free readings? Just to test your ability for future bookings.


How about just one question?


Do you worship the satan?


Can you tell me when and how I’m going to die?

No. Worry about living first before worrying about dying.

How often can I get a reading?

Well, it’s not advised to have it very regularly. In many cases i’ve seen (especially for the vulnerable and desperate) through out tough times try to book in for a reading every other day. I’m afraid, while it may be easing to some this is actually no good. I have seen people jinx situations by reading upon it so much. In many cases one very dear client ended up spending over £5,000 on online telephone readings simply because i was refusing to read for her – Although it may seem like it puts you at ease, but this actually makes you weaker and doesn’t help the situation. What you really ought to be doing is find ways to make yourself feel like yourself again. Unfortunately, we all will suffer tough times in our life, but dwelling upon it won’t solve things. At the end of the day – That will only just lead you in debt and feeling extra silly for not thinking just because you want to hear anything to put your mind at ease.

Funny enough, there has not been one client who hasn’t been through a tough time – It’s part of our life circle testing our ability on whether it’s time to move on. Don’t ruin the idea of such fun entertaining services due to you lacking on any action or decisions to be made. A reading should help guide you to stand up and do the right thing.

I go to many psychics on a regular basis. Is this okay?

Personally, if you ask me – No this is not ok. Not because i want all of you to be mine and only mine! But, honestly i find that you scatter your energies that way. Having an energy reading means this opens up your energies to look in for insight. My advice try limiting your psychics to maximum 2-3. I would HIGHLY recommend to one psychic as the “main” psychic of your choice. A psychic whom you feel you highly connect with. Again, I’ve seen many clients go to other psychics and come to me and say well this psychic sees this and that psychic saw this too. Well, if I don’t – I can’t lie just because two other psychics see it. This causes major confusions for the readers and also EXTREMELY draining for other psychics.

Maybe wait for predictions to happen rather than seeking another 5 psychics to confirm that one prediction. Find that one and probably have another as a back up. Thats my advice.

You can’t be a real psychic because you charge.

Okay 😐 – Why are you here then?

Seriously, sometimes this job makes me think … Some people have way too much time on their hands.

But this doesn’t count for all of you – I think i have the best clientele ever whom i consider all as very close friends – & even family!

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