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How A Psychic Changed My Life

 By Beautifulsmilez

I have always believed in psychics, I’ve never been a sceptic unlike some. In 2011 I ran into this guy I

was dating back in 2009. We always have had a sexual connect, but at the time I was still not over my ex.

So, at that time I wasn’t serious with him. In 2011- I decided to give him a try and see what could

happen. I gave him my new number, and we began talking. He was out of town for schooling so, we didn’t really see each other much. Keep in mind, this man is 12 years my senior so, I thought he would be ready for something different than all the younger men I have been dealing with. Every time he would come into to town to check on his house for the weekend, we would hook up. With that I figured I had put myself in the booty call realm with this man, but I began to want much more. So, (as some do) I got very desperate and then I began to call to turn to psychics. I called Keen over and over, everyday spending hundreds of dollars just to ease my mind. They kept telling me we were going to get married and everything would be fine. Of course, filling your head with what you want to hear can make you take a step out of what the reality really is.

Keep in mind, this is a man that only texts me, he doesn’t call. When I even attempt to ask him about a relationship, he would go silent for two weeks at a time.

I got desperate.

So what did I do?

I googled “psychic readings”.

By that time I had used up all my free introductory prices with any websites, I had signed up with. All of these psychics kept telling me marriage was coming, and that we were going to be together.

I guess, my intuition was telling me this is not true. After all, this man only worries about his money!

I have never met his son, and we’ve never gone out in the daytime. I innocently fell victim of the “booty call”

  I just wanted someone who could read and tell me something that was true and tell me the truth about this man’s intentions aka what I already knew but needed to hear to move on.

I ran across a website called Fivver, a website that offers services for $5.  I got a couple of readings, still the same thing. I prayed hard because I knew these readings didn’t feel right.

I was very specific with my prayers

“God let a REAL psychic come along and tell me the truth so, I can get the courage to walk away.” Now, I know some of you are saying “This dumb chick all the signs were there” but come on, let’s not judge.

We have ALL been in that situation with the ONE person we want to believe is “THE ONE”.

I was attracted to this man’s ambition, not his personality, because he was truly a jerk. One thing I couldn’t deny though, he sure was one hell of a charmer, if you know what I mean!

I was on Fivver for a couple of months, after this and that and “oh he’s the one” blah, blah, blah. Surely there must be someone genuine out there!

I prayed again, no one was being truthful.


Surely he can’t be the one i’ll have my happily ever after with!

 “Psychics” would read the situation all wrong. They couldn’t pin point anything that was going on in my current situation. “Oh you two have children together” or “you two live together” which was NOT right at all.

This man only texted me and slept with me, and when I would ask for a relationship, he would ignore me from two weeks to a month. (Yes, he really did.)

I had enough and thought right, this is my last option. I posted a job request looking for a psychic and I prayed again. There it was, a message in my inbox. I can’t recall exactly what it said, but it was this young diva emailing me about a reading. She said something along the lines of ” You need someone to read a guy? Lol, oh please that’s simple, i’ll do that with ease!”

 I thought to myself she is way too young to tell me anything good, what the hell! She was still new to Fiverr and just starting but seemed to have a big queue for her already with returning customers and a full 5* review.



 I will try her, it’s only five dollars. After all; I was spending hundreds of dollars on the keen psychics, what’s 5$?Tarot cards psychic

So what did I do? I paid for my reading and her wait time was 5 days. At the time she was offering 1 question answered in detail She read and sent the reading back as an audio. When I got my reading back, I was amazed at how much she knew. One thing, I can say about Ms. Maryam, she was honest with me from day one. If God gives you a gift, he would expect you to tell people the truth not hinder them from moving out of a bad situation, right? Well, that’s exactly what she did.

By this time, this man has moved and didn’t even tell me, she was able to pick that up before I even found out he moved. From that day on- I was hooked. Maryam was reading
in advance for me- Every time I would get a reading these things would start to happen immediately. She would always say- “Now, I’m going to be honest, this man is not your husband, I don’t like him and he would do anything as a matter of fact if he could he’d marry his money” LOL- it was decision to start thinking I could change things.

This was always her thing to tell me in my readings, but she would read for me anyway.

Lets fast forward a year. 2013 going into 2014- I had a reading with Maryam, this time marriage came up and a baby. So, since I was dealing with this guy, it only made sense it was with him, right? Well, you have to remember Maryam reads for you far out into the future. I think what happened was the guy I ended up

marrying and having my daughter by, I already knew him, and we had slept together in the past. Maryam took a holiday over the Christmas break, this guy came down to visit for two weeks. We saw each other ONE TIME and slept together that one time. So, I was really confused- couldn’t wait until Maryam came

back. I booked my reading, and as soon as I talked to her she saw this man with two other women (you

have to remember free will can also play into your readings, but her readings DO NOT differ that much).


Funny thing is, she still saw marriage. Well, around my birthday- I began talking to an old friend. Fast

forward he wanted to marry me, AND I got pregnant. I continued and STILL continue to read with Maryam.

My mom and my sister began reading with her, Maryam is actually my daughter’s fairy God mother.

In September, my marriage hit a hard patch, and my husband wanted a divorce. I ended up having postpartum

depression. Maryam, picked up on this and told me to see someone so I can get time off of work. She told me the exact time I would be given off of work and that my marriage would be fine.

She read so far ahead for me she told me about another rough patch we just recently went through. She

taught me how to do some traditional tricks to save my marriage, and God is my witness- it worked. The

whole point of this is to of course, tell you how good Maryam is but to also tell you just how great her gift

is. She has helped me in ways only one could imagine. She is truly an ANGEL!

God speaks through her.

She took a six month break, and I was going to DIE! LOL.. She was the only one who told me the truth

about the other guy. If I would have listened to her, I would have found my husband a little sooner. She

is my spirit guide, and to be so young, she has such a wise, intelligent, beautiful soul. If you are reading

this and you are sceptical about her skills, DON’T BE! My daughter actually came early, and she warned

me about her early arrival, and while my daughter was in the hospital, Maryam read for me and saw

everything was going to turn out fine, and IT DID! Her gifts and knowledge are truly a blessing.



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