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Are you a psychic reader?

I thrive to find new psychics who can bring something new to the table. Quality not quantity! All our psychics are self-employed meaning they can be flexible with their work hours!

During the psychics probation period, Maryam will be dedicating at least a few hours a week until you feel 100% confident.

Before going through our screening program you will need to fill in a form and send to maryamsanita@gmail.comTarot cards psychic

Please click here to get a copy of your form to fill out before we proceed.

What are the benefits of becoming a trusted reader?

There is a reward system we’re introducing. This includes promotions and an exceptional to grow your reputation as a psychic.

Psychics will be put through our trusted program. Ensuring you get all the skills of customer support, mentoring plus many more. This is a life long support Maryam offers to all her psychics helping you not only grow as a psychic but also as a professional.

At the YLFPsychic program benefits such as awards, certificates and an embroidery certificate that can be placed on your website authenticating your work by our community. Helping you gain more trust with your clients whether it be with us or privately.

Every psychic reader must go through our 3 stage screening process before being accepted as an applicant.
This will include a 3 stage test reading. The first two stages will be held by my trained staff and if successful all applicants will be directed to me as the final stage.
If you have successfully completed the 3 stage test, you will then be directed with Maryam where she will go through the training process with you.
All psychics start with a one month probation before becoming an official YLF trusted psychic.
There will be a one off set up fee of £35.
Why do I need to pay a one off set up fee? Please click here to find out.