Privacy Policy 

Before starting Your Local Friendly Psychic, I was running my psychic business as a sole psychic. I run my business on the trust of my clients so that when they come to me they felt ease of a fellow trusted psychic. The success of any of my businesses are based on TRUST.

Before i start sounding too serious and move on to the legal side, I want to assure you that any information you give us stays with us.

As this is the daunting part, yet it doesn’t change that it is VERY important.

So I strongly urge you read

Professional Psychic Reading and your privacy

During a reading your chosen psychic will ask for some information before he/she can get started. I strongly believe that what is said between you and your chosen reader should be kept personal and not shared with any 3rd parties. Everything you mention to your reader will be kept and not disclosed UNLESS the psychic fears any danger to your life. If it’s something we feel you need professional help in rather than psychic help, our readers will direct you to a helpline and abort the reading.

Client Details

Once you have made any bookings, any details you have shared i.e. your name, address and email will be kept safely. I have a system software that collects all data from all clients once they have made a booking. I am the sole trader of this company and i, Maryam will only take personal details if for any reason we need to contact you or send your promotional offers & newsletters.

Nobody will have access to my database so your personal details are kept secure.

Psychic Safety

Also we are aware psychics offer a service. Please as we respect your privacy to do the same for out psychics. If unavailable, no stalking or abuse is to be tolerated and action will be taken immediately. Psychics work hard to provide top service, please respect their privacy.

We observe the right to deny clients. If this happens and the psychic does not wish to read for you for any reason we are obliged to terminate your call and offer you the option to either reschedule with another reader or give you a full refund.


On Your Local Friendly Psychic, we obtain other web content. I will not be held responsible of content or privacy content on any other website. I encourage my clients to read the terms of service and privacy policy of any services offered from any other website that collects personally identifiable information