July 29th, 2016 / Posted by Maryam

Psychic Rant

By Maryam Sanita

Friday 29th July – Yes i wrote this today. It took me 5 minutes and i think i saw a little smoke come out of my keyboard while i was typing it!

Ok, so I haven’t written a psychic rant for a while since everything has been more focused on business development, hiring more psychics and basically… growing.

However, this particular incident has just gotten so much under my skin I feel that I NEED to get this out of my system.

Now, before I get this out I need to remind a lot of you that working full on spiritually has led to some mental damages including hyper sensitivity. Meaning, if I get offended I get REALLY offended and hurt ONLY because I put not only 100% but 500% more. So yes…. I do get offended.

Plenty of my fellow psychics used to come back to me and ban the clients I’d forward to them and label these as the nightmare clients “we refuse to work with”

Leaving poor me feeling bad not able to say no having to deal with these nightmare clients who not only will not take no as an answer but also believe they have special treatment above all others. The only problem there is I was yet to learn that if i didn’t put any boundaries, these nightmare clients were soon going to teach me a lesson of a lifetime!

Constant messages and calls on my PRIVATE line all through out the day and ALL through out the night. Non stop “MARYAM I NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU URGENTLY NOW”

No offence, I offer a psychic service… Not a personal pocket talk therapist who’s here to direct every step of your life. Yes, indeed I became that. Not only did this drain me, it took a major effect on my energy and also the way I treated other clients as well as the time i had available.

Now lets call these three sisters the powerpuff girls. So eager to make everything happen. Okay, fantastic you have been long lasting dedicated clients. You have known me before this whole Your Local Friendly Psychic business… Before I even had my set up – Doesn’t mean it gave you the right to come knocking on my door when you please. Oh not forgetting, the times of your “1 hour appointments” that will soon turn into a 4-6 hour AWKWARDNESS because you can’t stop talking about “me me me” while not realising i’m hinting PLEASE LEAVE YOUR TIME IS UP.

Yes, it got so bad i sometime used to call my (now ex) partner to come and pretend an emergency has happened so they would LEAVE. No offence, but i can’t work like this – YOU DRAIN ME! So while they gather in groups of 3-7 people, they basically stay up all night gossip and chat about the same thing over and over (like seriously- move on it happened 25 years ago) but not only are they using my house as a hang out, i’m the psychic who stays quiet in the corner who needs to pull cards to find out if this gossip is true or if that gossip is true. I feel like i’ve been taken as a mug!

Doesn’t give you the right to insist you still are over and beyond above my current clients.

Doesn’t mean you are above our booking system and now decide to abuse my personal line because you are one of the very few who has it.

To be honest, because of you I’m going to change my number ☺ Yes I am! You call our office, make 3 appointments but yet still called me 5 times with 8 messages insisting I get back to you… But for what? You didn’t even book in for me, so what could possibly be the issue here!!!

Oh for goodness sakes Maryam just call!!!! Is probably what you’re thinking! Ok… One moment let me call them then…

Ring ring..

Ring ring

“Oh hey Maryam, come on pleaseeeeee for us just for us start doing face to face readings”

Oh here we go again, while I’m flattered to hear you insist on readings face to face you know I’ve been ill. I simply can’t give any more face to face readings because I told you I picked on too many peoples energies and that made me sick over time – But of course they don’t care. HELL NO MEANS NO. In fact, MOST OF THE REASON I STOPPED DOING FACE TO FACE READINGS ARE BECAUSE OF CLIENTS LIKE YOUUUUUUU (Phwaaarrrrr, boy did that need to come out!)


(Seriously my face right now)

They will call and call and call (it’s been a year) WITH THE SAME QUESTIONS.

Listen – This is where I’m going to end this. I’m nice, and believe me I can be very nice… But NO CLIENT SHOULD HAVE AN IMPACT OVER MY LIFE LIKE THIS!!!!

Oh and ANOTHER thing,… No i’m not going to start doing spell works for you either because you insist i can do the job. EITHER come here like every other person or please… Don’t bother coming here at all – People like this aren’t welcomed here.

PISS ME OFF and your out, sorry! If I’m trying to help you, then work with me don’t piss my life off which puts me off helping others.


Basically what i’m trying to say – I’m here to help. If your serious about help, i’m sure you won’t have such an issue following the rules and regulations like everyone else. The powerpuff girls here believe they are above the system. They refuse to use the booking system to book. Refuse to call the office, refuse to use the payment gateway – They know but they are above and beyond.

Sorry, but everyone is equal with me regardless who the hell you may be or where you came from. Respect me and i’ll be more than grateful to respect you too!

Your Local (not so) Friendly Psychic


Tel: 02033936373 ext.1000

Email: Maryamsanita@gmail.com

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