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Psychic Vampires

The underlying truth and how to get rid of a psychic vampire

Psychic vampires are for sure our modern times zombies, looking to suck the very last drop of life energy from anyone they find gullible enough to offer it to them.

Psychic vampires or energetic vampires are a very wide-spread phenomena although you don’t hear about it on the news.

You might have been the victim of a psychic vampire and you didn’t even realize it.

Although some people may think there’s nothing we can do to stop their mighty invasion I want to assure you can have the ability to avoid and defeat them once you understand how they roll.

First things first: what are they?

What are psychic vampires?

Luckily they aren’t sea monsters, Yetis or any other ferocious predators, they are people like you and me. The one thing that makes them so “special” is their constant craving for other people’s energy due to their own disconnection from the unlimited source of vitality and life energy.

They mostly live their lives on very low fear based vibration and whenever they see someone with a higher energetic vibration they are in for a kill to make them feel better on the moment. Ultimately they crave for love, a love they don’t know how to give themselves and “demand” from others.

Psychic vampires literally drain you out of energy, lower your vibration and in the end will exhaust to the point of headaches and physical discomfort. But wait a minute, you can avoid them and defeat them once you understand how they operate.

How to avoid a psychic attack

The best way to avoid an attack is spot them right away, and to do this you need to understand their modus operandi. Here are around 7 main categories of psychic vampires:

  • Psychic attack 1 -The Ney Sayers – these ones will tell you that you’ll never make it and will constantly try to sabotage you with their constant disempowerment attempts. Personally i’d just stay away from those psychic vampires. They feed off of your psychic energy and are hard to defeat.
  • Psychic attack 2 – The Envious Vampire – this one will constantly criticise people who have success and you can easily spot them because they never get to achieve something good in their lives. In my culture we call this the evil eye. The evil eye is known in many traditions which is created from envy. Evil eye is most definitely another form of psychic attack, draining every bit of energy causing the targeted attack to fail (i.e. break or get harmed).
  • Psychic Attack 3 -The “Mistakes Spotter” – this guy is on a constant hunt for others’ mistakes and you can spot him rejoicing when others fail.
  • Psychic Attack 4 -The Conflicts Seeker – this one goes by the motto “divide and conquer”, constantly seeking quarrel and dispute with others to drain their life energy out
  • Psychic Attack 5 – The Good-Doers – these disguise vampire may be the hardest to spot because they come to “save” you or offer to help you with a hidden agenda in mind to use you.
  • Psychic Attack 6 – The Arrogant – this one knows it all and loves when others around him are sad or incapable
  • Psychic Attack 7 – The Victim – last but not least, the victim is in seek of constant help and attention from others but will not allow others to save him per se, just sucking the energy of their potential saviours.
How to defeat a psychic attack
Psychic Vampires
This is simpler than it looks. First of all you need to recognise their energy draining behaviours and secondly, don’t react to them because if you do, they will take your energy. Remember, this is their play. The best solution is to walk out and if that’s impossible, don’t give them the joy to fight them, but try to keep your healthy balanced yourself focus on the quickest way out of their energy draining nets.

As a psychic, I have had many clients come to me believing they have suffered from magic, spell curses and even go the extra mile spending all the unnecessary to remove whats not there but simply a psychic attack! In most cases financial damage is already caused but on the other hand – At least now you know!. My solution for them is an energy cleanse, as well as herbal mixtures for smoking throughout the house for spiritual cleansing. Many traditions have many different ways to spiritually cleanse themselves, the list is endless!

I personally do the charcoal smoking before the readings to help my spirits connect with me and clear off any bad energies. Cleanses are highly beneficial for removing negative energies by clearing off any unwanted energies generated from psychic readings that I’ve entered in contact with.

Whenever going through a psychic attack you need to understand that it’s not something you’ve done wrong, but something you can do better off without. If you feel you may have symptoms of a psychic attack or have any doubts whether someone particular is a psychic vampire, i strongly suggest you go to a trusted reader for a psychic reading to find out in order to avoid what may cause chaos in the future. Psychic vampires drain your energy especially if you have psychic abilities yourself. If you ever find yourself not able to sleep at night, constant headaches and feeling a form of heaviness – Then i advice you take action. Although it may not kill you – Life can be beautiful and peachy without! You have the power to put an end to their habit and once they have no energy to suckle on from you, they will leave you as fast as they came into your life. For more information and professional help on how to defeat a psychic attack, feel free to contact me!

Do share your experiences and opinions below!

Where can I get psychic readings?

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