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Being a 7th generation psychic coming from a family of clairvoyant gifts and psychic ability, I have been blessed to give the opportunity to offer true honest psychic clairvoyant readings combined with tarot readings by a real psychic available online by phone or Skype only with Your Local Friendly Psychics.

I use cartomancy, tarot cards and pendulum and as i’m a clairvoyant psychic i pick messages along the way to guide me when i conduct a tarot clairvoyant psychic reading, seeking the true answers you seek. I am not here to judge you so if you are worried about that please don’t. My aim is to help and clear your mind from all the complicated questions and help rid yourself from anything dragging you down. I am also available to book for psychic tarot parties or events, but prices may vary depending on agreement. Feel free to contact Your Local Friendly Psychics for more information.

Booking for a clairvoyant psychic tarot reading online with me has never been made easier. Simply choose your psychic tarot reading below, click “book now” then select your date and time for your appointment.


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30 minute Skype/Phone  Tarot Reading with Maryam

Psychic reading including clairvoyant/psychic and tarot cards readings offering you quality psychic readings. Available ONLY for phone or Skype. Book your tarot reading today from our trusted psychic

 Price per person: £45

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1 Hour Skype/Phone  Tarot Reading with Maryam

Psychic reading including clairvoyant/psychic and tarot cards readings offering you quality psychic readings. Available ONLY for phone or Skype. Book your tarot reading today from our trusted psychic

Price per person: £75

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How to get in touch with the clairvoyant psychic for scheduled appointment?

Firstly, please note on your booking whether you would prefer Online Clairvoyant Psychic reading via Skype or a Phone psychic tarot reading.

If by Skype please add me: Maryamsanita and call me once your session is due.

If by phone please call our clairvoyant psychic line on 0203 383 6373 and dial option 2 at the time of the appointment. You will be then directed to your clairvoyant psychic for your tarot reading.

What to expect during your clairvoyant psychic reading with Your Local Friendly Psychics

Before every reading, I smoke my reading area and cards with a herb mixture specially designed for my spirit guides which helps with me tune in as i am a psychic clairvoyant.

Once i’ve smoked off my previous clients energy i’ll be ready for your psychic clairvoyant reading.

For some of you who don’t know, I’m a 7th generation Psychic clairvoyant and spiritual healer. I start off usually giving a general psychic reading using cartomancy. The only information I need from you is your first name and mothers name.

Once I start with my general reading (which is about 3 spreads long), it helps me to pick up all your energies and get to know you as a person and your situation (Which is probably why you came to seek a psychic/clairvoyant for  psychic readings in the first place).

Sometimes I find people have a lot going on I pick it all up, however if you tend to be going through a slow time in life then I’ll pick up much less. This is very much about your energies now, previously and shortly soon. Sometimes it answers all the clients questions they have in mind before coming and sometimes is doesn’t.

When it doesn’t, quickly I’ll sense this and make sure I finish this asap. General readings can take up 5-15 minutes. Again, depending if there’s a lot going on in your life right now or not.

Once I’ve finished with your general psychic reading, I will switch to the tarot cards using my clairvoyance. My tarot cards enhances my ability to look into your detailed question. From that question the tarot opens up doors and doors of information during your tarot reading. Personally, using tarot through out a clairvoyant psychic reading enhances my ability to give you answers as if i’m reading it out of a book. From there i’ll be able to give you more information about the situation and give timeframes for certain events.

Thought out my clairvoyant psychic tarot readings, as I go along I pick up energies and messages. In rare occasions I may have a loved one next to me waiting to get through to you.

Now, if this is the case please give me a few moments. I may be clairvoyant but i’m still human – This has happened many occasions and can make me VERY emotional if the psychic energy is emotional!

After the general reading I move on to your questions using my tarot cards and of course mix that with my psychic clairvoyant abilities. Now, with your questions you can ask me absolutely anything you like and I will try and tell you in absolute honesty all I can. If it’s not what you expect, I’m sorry. But I can’t change what I see – I don’t like to sugar coat anything through out any psychic tarot reading session. I guess that’s why I have such a strong clientele today – I say it as it is.
I’m not heartless, I’ll just try wake you up if you need that push.

So, as we go through your questions that’s where it allows me to get deeper into the topic and let me scoop in for all the information. I’ve been blessed with great spirit guides who let me tell you timelines. So yes, I do give you timeframes. HOWEVER, although I give timeframes I don’t like to look further than a year! Yes, there’s always that one client “but Maryam…..” “Come on… For me….”
I will, but the only problem about that is what are the odds you’d still be on the same path then compared to today.

For example:
You look at yourself 5 years from now. Are you still the same person? Do you make decisions the same way? Well, I look back at myself and scream PURE STUPIDITY. I tell you, if I could go back to myself 5 years ago I’d probably slap myself into place and avoid a lot of mistakes I wouldn’t do now.

Get it?
If you don’t, then email me. There may be a problem that your not quite seeing.

Face to face readings. When will you start doing them again?
I understand some of you just love my company and can’t get enough me – I get it! But come on guys, I just got back to giving readings again… Give me some time!

So, there you have it! My services does exactly what it says on the tin.
Simply try booking online by selecting your preferred reading or reader (coming soon), choose a date and time suitable for you and pay to secure your booking. Don’t forget to state whether you want it by phone or by Skype.

If Skype please add me on : maryamsanita

Or by phone please callYour Local Friendly Psychics on: 020 3393 6373 and dial option 2.

Alternatively, you can make a booking by phone by dialling option 1. At Your Local Friendly Psychics we don’t take payments via phone for your security. But, you will receive a confirmation email which will give you the option to pay via PayPal.

Please note : No payment within 24 hours leads to automatic cancellation

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