Write for us

Are you a writer? Maybe you just enjoy writing for a living? One way or the other I’m always looking for creative writers. My aim is to have more than one voice!

As you know by now Your Local Friendly Psychic is a platform for trusted psychics. But as many of you know, most of the times many people turn to us to have someone to guide them through the stresses of day to day life. Someone to guide them and just say “Hey! Dont worry, everything is going to be just fine!”

But other times there’s also that time when we need to stand firm and wake some back to reality to get them back on track.

Since we are so diverse and not only just psychics (we’re humans you know too you know!) but also we can be one to turn for guidance. Someone who can just look at things from outside the box… Or hey even just pure entertainment! Because of this, I’m looking for a variety of creative writers to join our team.

Whether it be articles about spirituality or day to day life. As long as I feel our clients can relate.


Visibility! You’ll be seen and heard by our community. With your article to be posted on our blog, we will include an article in one of our weekly newsletters.

Not only that, every post includes the following:

–  A picture of yourself (optional)

– Short Bio

– Links to direct back to your site.

– Posts on all our social media profiles to increase traffic

– Include article to our weekly newsletter.

It’s found that guest posts not only increases your visibility on search engines but also increases traffic and subscriptions.


– 700 to 1,200 words per article
– Choose a topic that our audience may relate to please contact me if you would like some guidance on this area
– Easy to read and not too difficult to read
– Original material. Please ensure that any material submitted is original and hasn’t been posted anywhere else. Duplicating posts will only set us both back with search engine visibility. So PLEASE ensure ALL material is original and not duplicated.

– Links directing outside the website through out the article is welcome. However, any self promotion isn’t. Please leave the promoting in the bio. All links directing outside my website must be related to the article.

– All articles will be proofread and directed to Maryam. She reserves the right to make a final edit or ask for changes if necessary.

– No pornographic content

As I love writing myself, I feel it is important to connect with our readers through our writing. I’m not looking for dull, dead and bland articles. This isn’t homework!

I’m looking for interesting content from talented readers.

I have a weak spot for writers with humour – so I’ll be looking out for you!